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Game Reports

Yesterday's game in detail.

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Here, I'll discuss individual games. I'll try not to be a Monday Morning Quarterback, but sometimes it's hard to resist, and that's part of the fun of being a fan anyway. I will have updates every Sunday after the game on whether the Saints won or lost. You can then check the Stats page to see what happened during the game.

August 12
Saints vs. Seahawks

First game of the 2005 season and the Saints will be playing the Seattle Seahawks. This is only a preseason game and doesn't mean much. It would be nice to see the Saints win to get a sort of revenge from the loss last year.

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Wide Reciever Joe Horn making a phone call after recording a touchdown. The amazing thing is that Joe Horn was fined for this post touchdown celebration. If Terrel Owens can go to the middle of a field and show off why can't Joe Horn make a phone call.