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Top Players

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Aaron Brooks- QB


Aaron Brooks came into this team as being a third-string QB from Green Bay. He started off in New Orleans as a second string behind Jeff Blake and finally got to show his skills after Jeff Blake was injured. He took over Blake's starter position and has taken the Saints into the playoffs. Every year he does great even with his occasional down times. he is ranked as one of the top 5 QB's in the NFL. He came in second place behind Jeff Garcia in the NFL Quarterback Challenge losing by just one throw. He has played great in his time at New Orleans and lets hope he can lead us into the playoffs once again this year.

Deuce McAllister-RB


Deuce McAllister, running back for the New Orleans Saints. Deuce was selected in the NFL draft by the Saints from Ole Miss. He came into the league second string behind the Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams. Also like his teammate Aaron Brooks he got his chance when Ricky went out of the season with a knee injury. Deuce became great rushing for a 100 hundred yards at the least every game. The saying later became "Deuce is Loose" when he would break tackles and gain yards after yards.  Over the last two seasons, McAllister has become as one of the NFL's most productive running backs, been voted to the Pro Bowl twice and has ranked as the most consistent weapon on the Saints' offense.